Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Show 2010

Spring Show 2010
Alysia Kaplan, David Schalliol and Alyssa Miserendino

In the new spring show at lula we are featuring 3 artists whose work addresses the issues surrounding the economy and housing. In the bar you will find work by Alysia Kaplan including her Million$House series that calls into questions the true value of a home in this fluctuating market. The dining room will feature two photo series; David Schalliol’s Isolated Building Study focuses our attention on one building whose neighboring buildings are missing, clashing the urban structures with a seemingly suburban setting, and creating a strange and poetic tension. Alyssa Miserendino’s series Our World Inside Out takes us into homes that are in foreclosure. Each house is in a different state of emptiness with small details left behind that hint at the stories of the former occupants.

David Schalliol
Selections from Isolated Building Studies: Revealing Meaning Through Recontextualization (2006-Present)
Alyssa Miserendino
Harper Attic
Check out this short segment on Chicago Tonight that features Alyssa and her project Our World Inside Out...

Alysia Kaplan
HalfMillion$House, Happey Valley, OR