Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lula Spring Show 2014 - Cut Fold Crumple Paste

Lula Spring Show 2014
Cut Fold Crumple Paste
Artists Working with Paper
March 11 - June 3, 2014
Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 11, 6-9

The show is an exploration of paper as a medium beyond its usual role in art as a support for drawing or painting. In perhaps the exhibition's most straightforward approach German cartoonist and sculptor Marijpol cuts a remarkable variety of evocative bat faces from textured brown paper.

cut paper
24" x 30"

France's Emilie Plateau begins by drawing tiny cityscapes in a traditional way, then cuts them out, installing the pieces in little boxes like miniature stage sets. Chicago shadow puppeteer Sara Drake has taken her medium of light projected through cut paper figures and fixed the cast light in giant blue cyanotypes. The late Cheryl Weaver created minimal, abstract, geometric 'drawings' simply by making careful folds in her paper support. A similar approach leads to markedly different results for Kayla Risko, who takes large scale black photocopies and crumples them in a hug-like embrace, leaving fine spidery white lines in the inky black toner. Stephen Eichhorn and Diana Guerrero-Maciá use found printed or colored paper in new takes on the 100 year old tradition of collage.

Stephen Eichhorn  

Floral Burst (Feel the Light)
54" x 44"
Collage on archival inkjet print

Diana Guerrero-Maciá
o. Ophelia
14 ¾” x 17
collage & enamel on paper


Lastly, the uncategorizable Lilli Carré uses paper in a variety of ways from hand-made paper embedded with string to create images, to photocopied, hand-cut pop-up books.

The results and themes in these artists' work varies widely, but each is in some way defined by a thoughtful, direct approach to what might be the humblest, most foundational material in any artist's craft.

An opening reception with several of the artists will be held Tuesday, March 11th from 6-9 with a cash bar and complimentary hors d'oevres.


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